BNI NETWORK 54 is a Marin networking group of enterprising individuals meeting every Thursday morning on Zoom and the 1st Thursday of the month at Corte Madera Best Western. 

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Looking for a Marin networking group? Ready to take the next step in building your business? We currently have openings and would love to refer business to you! Come visit our networking group in Marin.

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This Marin networking group’s mission is to “help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals”

As a chapter, we embrace this mission, especially the philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’. Understanding that the more you give, the more you receive, is a value that can help us as individuals as well as a group to achieve our goals.

11 things that people, YOU, can get out of BNI.

  1. Public Speaking practice – because you go to BNI every week and do a 60-second speech, you get lots of practice in public speaking
  2. Learning to speak concisely – this is related to the above but there is an individual skill beyond speaking confidently, and that is getting your message across within a short space of time. This has been compared to an elevator pitch
  3. Taglines – many BNI members add a tagline to the end of their 60 seconds – and some people don’t have these when they join BNI but after being inspired by seeing others, they come up with clever ones.
  4. Making friends – everyone I have spoken to about BNI has said they have made new friends – even a connection with just one or two members makes it all worthwhile.
  5. Other networking opportunities – through BNI you will get to hear about other networking events – open networking events, monthly lunches, awards events, workshops and seminars and often its contacts you get there that will help you grow your business
  6. Education on how to network – there are many behaviors you can pick-up from other members which will improve your networking skills – for some this will come more naturally than for others, but it definitely can always be improved.
  7. A focus group – for testing out new products, marketing, and even new businesses.
  8. Joint ventures – It happens quite often in BNI groups that members team up for pitches, new business ventures, events, partnerships, and collaborations. Seeing each other every week at BNI means you can easily meet regularly to move things along.
  9. Knowledge of other types of businesses – Every week in the 60 seconds and the 10 minute speeches, members share a bit about what they do, and through this, you get a broad understanding of many different types of businesses. Through 121’s with other members, and with the potential clients and introducers they refer you to, you get even more.
  10. Meeting the introverts – at parties, non-member networking groups, and open networking events, introverts are a rarity and may not meet quite as many people. But so-called “introverts” can join BNI and over time, they will be able to get to know other members and vice versa. Often introverts are the funniest and most intelligent people to meet and it’s interesting to see them come out of their “shells”.
  11. Business referrals – This is the reason people join BNI in the first place – and yes, you do get these, and you learn how to along the way.