Target Market: Finding Your Starting Point in Lafayette

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About this event:

Created by Network 54

In this workshop, Mickey Griffith with Asentiv in the North San Francisco Bay Area, will take you through a series of questions about your business to clearly identify your unique target market so you can identify the best referral partners and networking organizations to reach it

You will be able to asnwer questions, such as:

Why are you in business?

What do you sell?

Who are you customers?

How well do you compete?

If your referral partners don’t know the why, what, who and how of your business, are they truly in a position to refer you?


About the Speaker

Mickey Griffith brings to the audience his passion for business relationship management. With more than 20 years of marketing experience, and a specialty in referral marketing, Mickey inspires entrepreneurs with valuable tools to grow their business. As an engaging speaker, his mission is to create more productive, meaningful improvement in business and organizational relationships.

Questions? Contact Julie Gleeson at [email protected] or 925.408.8422