Alletta Bayer

Alletta Bayer

Nutritionist / Functional Nutrition

(415) 519-9933

[email protected]

As a Holistic Health Professional, Alletta serves her clients by listening to their story and finding out WHY they want to change. She works together with them to figure out “what’s going on in there.” She helps the client figure out what they need to remove and what they need to add so that they can experience the health and vitality that enables them to enjoy their life.

She is a:

-Certified Gluten Practitioner trained by Dr. Tom O’Brien
-Brain Health Certified Coach trained by Dr. Daniel Amen
-Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner candidate
-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Behavioral Health and Nutrition
-Alletta is also an author, speaker and master trainer at The Sherry Blair Institute

Her work experiences working within as an employee or co-owner, as well as serving, span the Real Estate industry, Hospitality, Health and Fitness, Behavioral Health Services and non-profits.

Alletta holds a BA from UC Berkeley and a MA from John F. Kennedy as well as numerous certifications.