amy shouse licensed acupuncturist
Licensed Acupuncturist / Norcal Integrative Medicine
I specialize in eliminating the root causes of ongoing pain and chronic disease by offering a focused biomedical and eastern medicine approach, with specialists trained in advanced techniques, combined for best effect.

My patients have generally searched for years, visiting multiple doctors, specialists and alternative medical practitioners, for the solutions that we provide to arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroid, Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, and pain.

I combine groundbreaking conventional Western Medical knowledge, known as “Functional Medicine,” with ancient and perennial Eastern Medicine, utilizing objective measures such as blood pressure and lab work and expect not only improvement to your chief concern, but overall improvement to your general health as well as your lab tests.

I achieve results where others have not, by not only determining the root cause, but by understanding the connection of that root cause to all current symptoms. By resolving this underlying reason or reasons, you will experience systemic improvement in your overall health as well as your chief concerns.