Ria Perez
Reiki Practitioner
(917) 841-3806
The Woo Woo Way


Maria has always been a very spiritual person, looking out to the universe with curiosity and wonder. She grew up reading books by world renowned psychics and past life hypnotists, dabbled in tarot cards and channeling, all the while feeling this hot/tingling feeling in her hands but not knowing what it was or why it was there. As an adult, she dove head first into what she likes to call her “Spiritual Re-Awakening”. She began to practice yoga, meditation, Tantra, Shamanic Journeying and then discovered the energy healing modality Reiki. Her Reiki Master explained that she was born a natural healer and that soon she would be able to use her “hot-healing” hands to help relax, heal, and help others. Over the years she developed her skills in using energy to help unblock chakras that were causing mental, emotional, and physical upset. She works on people and animals of all ages and walks of life and is able to to work in person or remotely (long distance healing). She incorporates crystals, essential oils, sound healing, and mantras in her practice and is excited to finally take this passionate hobby of helping others to the next level with her new business.