Financial Advisor / Principal @ Parallel Advisors
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“What are we saving it for?”  “Do I have enough to take care of everybody?”  “Am I taking too much risk?”  “Can we pay less in taxes?” “Is this the right strategy?” “Do I have the right team in place?”  “What are the pitfalls?”  “Can I slow down now or do I have to keep building?”

Michael Stephens and the team at Parallel Advisors, are financial fiduciaries that specialize in helping clients identify and quantify their goals and help make sure they become reality not just a fantasy.

Through careful financial planning and risk adverse asset management, Michael and his team build, implement and monitor their client’s plan.  The process is never compete, as goals are achieved and new goals are established.

Michael has been in the investment management and financial planning industry since 1996.  He has experienced and managed client assets and financial plans through many up markets and terrible down markets.  Discipline, experience and collaboration have been the foundation of Michael helping his variety of clients: small businesses, trusts, foundations or Individuals with liquid investment assets.

Success is measured with:

-a clear understanding of the process

-a lower risk profile

-better performance

-lower fees

-less taxes

Parallel Advisors services includes:

Financial Planning, Portfolio Management, A Family Office Offering, Tax Planning, Tax Deferral Strategies, Divorce & Separation Planning,  Company Retirement Plans, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Alternative Investments, Consulting on Purchase & Sale of Small Business’ and Investment Real Estate