Energy Architect / Essential Clearing

Have you ever walked into a place that feels wonderful or feels uncomfortable in a way that makes you want to leave? It could be the residual energy in the place that makes you feel that way. Buildings hold energy and it impacts how we feel in them.

Because energy is the foundation for everything that exists, transformation first starts as an idea before it can become reality. To transform how you feel about where you live or work, I offer energetic feng shui, also known as energy architecture to help you. Working at the quantum level, I create the shifts you desire in your home, your office and your life.

To help you, I work with flower essences and other elemental energies creating harmonious realignment in the energy patterns welcoming in a new, up-to-date blueprint that opens your life to new possibilities, bringing in sparkle and a deeper sense of wholeness.

By employing energetic feng shui, I can help prepare a building that’s going to be sold or welcome new occupants to a home or business. I can also prepare and support a construction job, or help with a remodeling project. If you want to clear out unwanted energy after a separation or a divorce, a sickness or a death, or if your nest is now empty, I can help you in this transition and bring to the space energies that more accurately reflect who you are and what you want in your life. I am available to work in both residential and commercial realms.